Ķsafold - Prentsmišja meš 135 įra reynslu Hjį fyrirtękinu starfa um 70 manns, ķ forvinnslu, prentun og frįgangi. Viš tökum viš öllu efni hvort sem žaš er

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    High quality printing
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    Our Story
    We are still in the lead after 134 years

The printing company in Iceland that you can depend on!

Why should you print at Isafold Printing House?

It's simple.  Our goal is to deliver on time and within budget. A happy costumer is our main goal. Over 134 years of experience ensure we supply the highest quality  printed products. From Business Cards to Brochures, Leaflets to Paperbacks, our skilled and dedicated team of print professionals will guide you from concept to delivery.


Paperback printing used to be a problem here in Iceland. Not any more thanks to us!

With improved printing presses and resourcefulness Ísafoldarprentsmiðja has become a leader in the manufacture of paperbacks in Iceland.


59 50 300

Sudurhraun 1  |  Gardabaer
Tel: +354 59 50 300
Fax: +354 59 50 310

Sales Representatives

Haraldur Jónsson
Sales- og marketing Director halli@isafold.is +354 664 0312
Hjörtur Guðnason
Printing Consultant
hjortur@isafold.is +354 664 0319
Lára Ásgrímsdóttir
Printing Consultant lara@isafold.is +354 664 0316
Nökkvi Svavarsson Printing Consultant nokkvi@isafold.is +354 595 0306
Sigríður Kr. Hafþórsdóttir Printing Consultant didda@isafold.is +354 595 0341